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Compare Campervan Rentals in Tasmania

Are you looking for the best campervan rental deal? Compare over a dozen motorhome rental brands in Tasmania to find the camper that's right for you.

Tasmania is incredibly beautiful and offers plenty of great locations to experience a motorhome adventure. For a small state, it packs a big punch - and so does our comparison tool. Finding the right campervan rental in Tasmania is super easy. Simply search the results and select the vehicle size with your desired inclusions to see motorhome and campervan rental classes to suit your travel style and budget.

Whether you are after an affordable vehicle, a 4x4 camper or a luxurious RV, we have you covered. With Camper Champ, you can compare, book and save on the major campervan and motorhome rental brands all in one place! And even better - there are no booking fees!

Tasmania offers plenty of great locations to experience a self-drive holiday. It has rugged mountains, pristine forests, wild coastlines, and unique flora and fauna. This triangle-shaped island is home to some of the most unspoiled destinations in the country. With 19 national parks, many of which are UNESCO world heritage sites, it is easy to see why Tassie is a favorite on the camping scene.

A campervan will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the “Apple Isle”, taking your accommodation with you wherever you venture. With only about 541,000 inhabitants, getting away from the crowds has never been easier.

You can choose to explore the entire island from Hobart through Launceston and then Devonport in a round trip, take a one-way rental to avoid the drive back or explore just a part of the island and leave the rest for another time. The choice is yours, and the adventure awaits!

Popular Campervans in Tasmania

What’s your Camper Champ style? Find your perfect camper by browsing through the different classes.

Discover Australia your way by choosing a class of campervan that suits your travel needs.

Maui Platinum Beach

Platinum Beach


Leisure Rent 4-Berth HiTop

4-Berth HiTop

Leisure Rent

GoCheap Tamar



Cruisin 6-Berth Discovery

6-Berth Discovery


Cruisin 4-Berth HiTop

4-Berth HiTop


Britz Action Pod 2-Berth

Action Pod 2-Berth


Britz 6-Berth Frontier

6-Berth Frontier


Bargain 2-3 Berth

2-3 Berth


Apollo Endeavour 2-4 Berth

Endeavour 2-4 Berth


Mighty 2-Berth Highball

2-Berth Highball


Tasmania Campers Devil Finder

Devil Finder

Tasmania Campers

GoCheap Hi Top Campervan

Hi Top Campervan


Mighty 2-Berth Highball

2-Berth Highball


Britz 2-Berth Hitop

2-Berth Hitop


Apollo HiTop



Maui Platinum Beach

Platinum Beach


Britz 6-Berth Frontier

6-Berth Frontier


Cruisin 6-Berth Discovery

6-Berth Discovery


Cruisin 4-Berth Seeker

4-Berth Seeker


Leisure Rent 4-Berth 2019

4-Berth 2019

Leisure Rent

Not all vehicles may be available. Use the search tool to check availability for your travel dates.

Tasmania Airport Campervan Hire

Can I rent a campervan at the airport in Tasmania?

Yes, you can. Several campervan rental companies have depots directly at Devonport Airport, Hobart Airport and Launceston Airport. The other depots are near the airport, with some suppliers offering a complimentary shuttle service with your campervan rental. Otherwise, these depots are easily accessible by taxi or Uber.

Can I rent a campervan at the cruise terminal in Tasmania?

Yes, you can. Leisure Rent provides a depot at the Spirit of Tasmania cruise terminal located at the terminal parking lot in Devonport.

The Self-drive Holiday in Tasmania

Tasmania is perfect for campervanning because it’s all set up with hundreds of free campsites and a very welcoming response to campervan tourists. In addition, the national parks are easily accessible with an excellent network of well-maintained roads.

People choose to take a campervan rental holiday in Tasmania for many reasons. Some big wins are:

  1. Having your accommodation and transport all in one vehicle. This means you have complete freedom and flexibility when traveling. You can go wherever you want, whenever you want, and there’s no coach driver telling you it’s time to go. You can be spontaneous because there’s no schedule. If you want to stay another night, stay (and tweak the itinerary however you like). Or if you don’t like a place, drive on.

  2. Campervan rentals are great for budget-minded travelers. They offer a more affordable option than traditional hotel accommodation, while those who want greater comfort or a bit more room can rent luxury motorhomes with high-end facilities.

  3. Campervans provide a unique way to see and experience a destination. You can travel at your own pace and make stops along the way to explore different areas. Experience the big sky. Away from city lights, you’ll see the night sky in all its glory. And the serenity! Access to secluded spots with tons of that elusive “peace and quiet”. Campervan travel helps you create memories that are so different from regular life.

  4. Motorhome rentals come with all the amenities you need. Features such as cooking facilities, sleeping quarters, toilets and/or bathrooms allow you to travel comfortably and enjoy all your home comforts while vacationing in beautiful locations you’ve never experienced before. In addition, with your onboard kitchen, you can save on the cost of eating out.

When embarking on a motorhome vacation, remember these essentials when driving around Tasmania in a campervan rental:

  1. All traffic moves on the left-hand side.
  2. Seatbelts and child restraints are compulsory.
  3. Carry a valid driver's license when traveling.
  4. Drive clockwise around a roundabout.
  5. There are no toll roads in Tasmania.
  6. Watch out for wildlife, especially around dawn, dusk and when traveling at night. Country roads and long stretches of open roads are notorious for crossing wildlife.
  7. The blood alcohol content limit is 0.05%.
  8. Unless otherwise signposted, a 31 mph (50 km/h) speed limit applies to urban roads in Tassie, with the maximum speed limit being 62 mph (100 km/h) for sealed rural roads. School zones also have speed limits reduced to 25 mph (40 km/h) during certain hours on school days. Always pay attention to posted speed limit signs and adjust your speed accordingly.

Travel Tips for Tasmania

How can you save money on a campervan vacation in Tasmania?

The best things you can do to save money on a campervan rental holiday in Tassie include:

  1. Start and finish your motorhome rental at Hobart. Most firms charge extra if you want to end your hire at a different location, so you'll save $30 to $100 by starting and ending at Hobart. That's how our itineraries run too. Also, there are more campervan rental firms in Hobart, so your vehicle choice is more comprehensive, and prices are more competitive.

  2. Ask if your campervan rental agreement includes insurance. Specifically, what type of insurance is provided? Travel insurance can be a cheaper option but read the fine print to make sure your campervan or motorhome travels are included (often they aren't) and also check that it will cover the excess in the event of a claim because excess can be high. The same is true for credit card insurance. Insurance is usually more expensive direct from the rental company, but if you want complete peace of mind, the top cover will give you that. By paying a higher daily insurance premium, your excess will be lower or reduced to nil, so that's worth examining to avoid a sizable pre-authorization on your credit card in the event of an accident, whether it's your fault or not.

  3. Buying a National Parks pass. This will save you from paying for each park you visit. Some passes even include the shuttle bus to Cradle Mountain.

  4. Stock up on supplies. Before you leave Hobart and Launceston, dash to the grocery store and stock up, as grocery prices can be higher in small towns. On the other hand, you'll be more likely to meet the locals if you shop in some out-of-the-way places.

When is the best time to go campervanning in Tasmania?

While every season has its charm, some say fall (March-May) is the best season in Tasmania with its cool, dry days and crisp nights.

Followed closely is spring (September-November) when the land wakes up after winter, and the flowers blossom beautifully. Finally, in the shoulder seasons (Oct-Nov and Apr-May), you should get decent weather, fewer crowds and off-peak prices.

The average maximum temperature in January is 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and the average minimum temperature in July is 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

Rainfall can occur throughout the year but is more common in winter and spring. Snowfall is possible at higher elevations but rare in low-lying areas.

  • Fall (Mar-May): Ideal if you're keen on soaking up the local scenery and the great outdoors. The weather is mild, and the crowds are smaller.

  • Winter (Jun-Aug): Chilly, but some folks love it. If that’s you, bring your warmest gear.

  • Spring (Sep-Nov): Colors bloom in great beauty. Spring is a season of winds and frequent weather changes, with snowfall in the mountains likely throughout October.

  • Summer (Dec-Feb): Great for time on the coast, as it’s warmer and better for swimming and hiking. It’s also the peak tourist season, so availability goes down, and prices go up. Still, this is Tassie, and you’ll love the place!

How long do you need in Tasmania for an RV vacation?

To explore what Tasmania offers, we recommend at least two weeks. But if you're short on time, make it seven days. Although Tasmania is Australia's smallest state, there is much to see and do here, from the rugged coastline to the lush green rainforests, not to overlook the locally grown foods and award-winning wines. Our itineraries will help you cover some of Tasmania's most rewarding locations.

What kind of license do I need to rent a campervan in Tasmania?

You'll need to present your driver's license when you pick up your campervan. It must be current and valid; it can't be expired, probationary, provisional, or a learner's license.

AUSTRALIAN: If you're an Australian driver, you won't need a special license, provided yours is current and valid. A class C driver's license (C stands for Car) allows you to drive any vehicle that weighs up to 4.5 tonnes (4.96 tons) and has no more than 12 seats, including the driver. Almost all campervans fit these requirements. Over 4.5 tonnes (4.96 tons), and you'll need a special license in all Australian states.

INTERNATIONAL: If you're an international traveler, your overseas license is acceptable if it's unrestricted and has not been canceled or revoked.

NON-ENGLISH: If your license is in a language other than English, you'll need to carry an International Driving Permit or an official English translation of your license.

ADDITIONAL DRIVERS: The requirements are the same.

UNDERAGE: You must be 21 years old to rent a campervan in Tasmania. Although some companies allow 18-year-olds, an underage surcharge will often apply.

Whenever you are driving, you must have your driver's license with you.

Parking a Campervan in Tasmania

What are some of the best places to park a campervan in Tasmania?

The cost of parking a campervan in Tasmania varies depending on the location. Parking in a campground or RV park is generally between $10 and $20 per night, and free parking is available in some towns and cities.

Freycinet National Park: This popular national park has plenty of parking for campervans, and you can stay up to 72 hours.

Mount Field National Park: Another great option for nature lovers, Mount Field National Park offers both camping and RV parking.

Launceston: The city has several designated RV parking areas, including one at the Launceston Showgrounds.

Hobart: Hobart also has several designated RV parking areas, including one at the Salamanca Market.

Where can you park an RV overnight in Tasmania?

Tasmania is a campervan paradise as far as parking overnight is concerned. Although you can't camp absolutely anywhere, compared to the rest of Australia, you can camp almost anywhere.

Parking overnight is considered public camping, and Tasmania is loaded with designated camping areas to accommodate this. Many of these areas are free, while some charge a small fee to park overnight. Some require you to book in advance, while others are on a first-come, first-served basis. The Tasmanian Parks & Wildlife Service provides many of these areas throughout Tasmania.

Some helpful tips for parking your campervan rental overnight in Tassie include:

  • Parking in some areas is prohibited to protect wildlife.
  • Do not park on private land or sidewalks, or bus stops.
  • Look for signs that identify designated parking areas and comply with these.
  • If it's a busy travel season, some overnight parking locations start to fill up as early as 3 pm. So arrive early or have a backup plan.
  • At night, please slow down to avoid native animals. In winter, slow down and be on the lookout for ice and snow on the roads, particularly in highland areas.

Finding a place to park your campervan in Tasmania is generally relatively easy. Plenty of parks and rest areas allow overnight camping, and most towns and cities have designated RV parking areas. Towns, also called "Motorhome Friendly Towns," provide generous parking options.

Campervan Friendly Towns include:
  • Brighton
  • Burnie
  • Campbell Town
  • Chudleigh Showgrounds
  • Deloraine
  • Devonport
  • Evandale
  • Fingal
  • Franklin
  • George Town
  • Gordon
  • Hobart
  • Irishtown
  • Kempton
  • Latrobe
  • Midway Point
  • New Norfolk
  • Oatlands
  • Penguin
  • Pontville
  • Queenstown
  • Railton
  • Ringarooma
  • Rosebery
  • Scottsdale
  • Sheffield
  • Smithton
  • Sorell
  • St Helens
  • St Marys
  • Stanley
  • Strahan
  • Ulverstone
  • Wynyard
  • Zeehan
  • Port Huon
A few things to consider when choosing a place to park your camper van:
  1. Check the signs before parking, as some areas have time limits or other restrictions.

  2. Choose a spot that's well-lit and close to amenities like restrooms and water faucets is also a good idea.

National Parks in Tasmania

Which are the best National Parks to visit in Tasmania?

Tasmania is known for its rugged wilderness, stunning landscapes, and abundant wildlife. A visit to Tasmania's national parks is a must-see for any avid traveler, as they offer a unique opportunity to experience the beauty and diversity of this special vacation destination.

Tasmania is home to 19 National Parks. Here is our Top 10 list of national parks in Tassie that will be sure to take your breath away:

  1. Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair
  2. Freycinet
  3. Mount Field
  4. Ben Lomond
  5. Southwest
  6. Douglas Apsley
  7. Tasman
  8. Bay of Fires Conservation Area
  9. Walls of Jerusalem
  10. Blue Tier Forest Reserve
How much does it cost to enter a National Park in Tasmania with a campervan? Are any permits required?

A valid park pass is required to visit any of the 19 National Parks in Tasmania.

The Parks & Wildlife Service Tasmania charges an exorbitant single-entry day pass fee of $41.20 per vehicle for almost all its national parks. The exception is Cradle Mountain, which costs $25.75 for the day.

But budget travelers needn't worry. The price structure is merely a strategy to encourage sales of the national park holiday pass. For $82.40, you can get two months of vehicle entry into every Tasmanian park. Therefore, the holiday pass will pay for itself if you visit at least two protected areas.

Tasmanian park pass options are:

  • $41.20 per vehicle for a daily pass valid for up to 24 hrs (excluding Cradle Mountain)

  • 82.40 per vehicle for a holiday pass valid for up to 2 months (including Cradle Mountain)

Annual and two-year passes cost slightly more and include discounts for seniors. No discounts are available on the holiday or single-entry passes.

  • Pro tip: It's cheaper for a pensioner to purchase a discounted annual pass than a two-month holiday pass.

Most Tasmanian national park campgrounds are free. The exceptions cost between $7 and $16 per site per night, paid in person with cash upon arrival. Honeymoon Campground in Freycinet is so popular you must enter a ballot system to snag a spot during peak season (Christmas, New Year, and Easter).

Top 10 Campervan-friendly Campgrounds in Tasmania

Tasmania is a campervan-friendly destination, offering a range of campsites suitable for all sizes of RVs. From the Freycinet National Park in the east, to the South Bruny National Park in the south, there is something for everyone. Many campsites offer a range of amenities and activities, perfect for those looking to explore the beautiful landscapes and wildlife of Tasmania.

Bay of Fires Conservation Area - Bay of Fires camping

About a 3hr drive east from Launceston taking the coastal route and a 4hr drive north of Hobart. The campgrounds are free and open to the public. No reservations are needed.

Freycinet National Park - Richardsons Beach, Honeymoon Bay and Ranger Creek camping

About a 2.5 hr drive south-east from Launceston or 3 hr drive north of Hobart. Fees payable for powered and unpowered sites start at $13 for two people or $16 for a family of 5. Bookings are required in advance. A ballot system is also drawn in August to allocate sites for the peak summer period (December 18 - February 10).

Lake St Clair - Lake St Clair camping

About a 2.5 hr drive northwest from Hobart or southwest from Launceston and Devonport. Suitable for small to medium-sized campervans, not large motorhomes. There are unpowered and powered sites starting from $40 and can be booked through

South Bruny National Park - South Bruny camping

About a 2 hr drive south of Hobart. There are four camping grounds: Jetty Beach, The Neck, Cloudy Corner, and The Pines. Fees start at $10 per night for up to 2 campers or $15 for a family of 5. The Pines campground is free of charge. No reservations are required as it's on a first-come, first-served basis.

Tasman National Park - Fortescue Bay camping

Approximately a 2 hr drive east of Hobart. Comprising of the Banksia Campground & Mill Creek Campground. Fees start at $13 for two people per site or $16 for a family of 5. Bookings are recommended between November and April, while May through to October is on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Tassie Experience

The views in Tassie are spectacular, the wildlife is intriguing, and the food is fresh and tasty. With an RV rental, you can experience it without needing to travel back and forth from the hotel room. Notable attractions include waterfalls galore, an above-the-forest airwalk, bird watching, caving, the world's longest single-span chairlift (it’s at Launceston, the second largest city) and 5 World Heritage sites. Your biggest problem will be deciding which of the many “unmissable” options you won't have time to explore.

The Tamar River, Launceston

In terms of outdoor activities, Tasmania offers a wide range of attractions, including enjoyable walks (for all levels of fitness), bike trails, ziplining, the Tahune Forest Airwalk, swimming, scuba diving, launch trips, underground rivers and more. Whatever you choose, it will be memorable.

In this southern jewel, locals are friendly and welcoming, making it easy to feel at home in this delightful part of the world. Hobart is the state capital and is a gorgeous city situated at the base of Mount Wellington, where the Derwent River meets the Tasman Sea. A perfect place to start your campervan rental adventure. Take some time to wander through sandstone architecture near the downtown area of Battery Point and enjoy a cup of coffee at one of the quaint coffeehouses.

View from Mt Wellington, Hobart

As well as the outdoor attractions, there are world-class wineries and important historical destinations (Tasmania received over 70,000 convicts in its early days). Hobart is home to two tourism superstars:

  1. MONA (the Museum of Old & New Art in Hobart, showcasing contemporary and challenging artwork)
  2. The wildly popular Salamanca Market every Saturday (where you can purchase fresh vegetables for your campervan adventure).

The Hobart waterfront features many outstanding restaurants and picturesque cruises that are perfect for exploring the rugged coastline near the city. The rest of the island awaits, ready for you to visit from the safety and inexpensive comfort of your RV rental. It’s easy to see why Tassie is growing in popularity!

Hobart, Tasmania

Top 10 Attractions in Tasmania

With its stunning coastline, rugged mountain ranges and pristine forests, Tasmania is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Add to that a rich history and vibrant culture, and you have the perfect holiday destination. Here is our pick of the top 10 things you don’t want to miss when visiting Tasmania.

Explore the convict-era buildings of Port Arthur

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most important historical sites in Australia, offering visitors a glimpse into life in the 1800s.

Visit MONA (Museum of Old and New Art)

This quirky museum houses an impressive collection of art from around the globe.

Drive the scenic East Coast Road

This winding road offers stunning ocean views as it snakes along Tasmania’s eastern coast.

Take a cruise on the Gordon River

Get on board and travel into the heart of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (which satisfies 7 criteria out of a possible 10, the highest score of any place on earth).

The Bay of Fires

Known for its bright orange lichen-covered rocks and turquoise waters, the Bay of Fires is great for swimming, boating, fishing, and kayaking.

Discover Launceston

Take a day to explore Launceston. Highlights include the stunning Cataract Gorge, the wineries and orchards along the Tamar River Valley, and the Beaconsfield Mine museum.

Marvel at the dramatic landscapes of Freycinet National Park

With its pink granite cliffs and crystal-clear waters, Freycinet National Park is one of Tasmania's most picturesque places.

Cradle Mountain

Known for its mountains, rivers, and glaciers. The hiking trails here are some of the most popular in Tasmania, offering some of the best views in the region. You can also go trout fishing in the lake or take a horseback ride through the surrounding area.

Bridestowe Lavender Farm

Bridestowe sets the standard of global excellence in agritourism, with 50,000+ tourists visiting annually. The Bridestowe lavender fields are among the most photographed landscapes in Tasmania.

Cataract Gorge

Walk just 15 minutes from downtown Launceston, and you’re in the Cataract Gorge. Choose from hiking trails, biking paths, rock climbing, cable hang gliding, swimming & more.

Tasmania Road-trip Itineraries

If you're looking for an unforgettable Australian holiday, consider spending some time in Tasmania. This beautiful island is packed with natural attractions, from the stunning Cradle Mountain National Park to the dramatic landscapes of Freycinet National Park. Hobart, the capital city, offers a wealth of historical and cultural experiences, while the locals are renowned for their friendliness and hospitality. We will take you on a journey through some of the best campervan travel itineraries in Tasmania, highlighting the must-see attractions and lesser-known spots that will make your trip to Tasmania truly unforgettable.

7-Days on the East Coast: Hobart’s Best Hikes and Scenic Drives

7-Days on the East Coast: Hobart’s Best Hikes and Scenic Drives

Here's an easy itinerary designed for travelers who want to spend more time sightseeing and driving less. You'll start in and near Hobart, and then on day two, you'll head north in a loop, returning to Hobart at the end of a relaxing week.

MORE: East Coast 7-Day Itinerary
Two Week Return Trek From Hobart: A True Taste of Tasmania

Two Week Return Trek From Hobart: A True Taste of Tasmania

Highlights include the Port Arthur Historic Site and Coles Bay (which has over 300 days of sunshine annually - more than Gold Coast, Queensland!). You’ll also have time for a cruise on the world-famous Gordon River.

Starting from the capital city of Tasmania, Hobart, we take you north to enjoy the east coast, then west to Launceston and on to the rugged west coast. Then it’s cross-country back to Hobart.

MORE: Tasmania 14-Day Itinerary
Devonport Loop: 7-Days Discovering Tasmania's Natural Wonders

Devonport Loop: 7-Days Discovering Tasmania's Natural Wonders

This 7-day campervan road trip itinerary will take you on a journey through Tasmania's diverse landscapes, from the rugged west coast to the pristine beaches of the east coast. You'll explore ancient rainforests, hike to majestic mountain peaks, wander through charming historic towns, and soak in the beauty of the island's stunning coastlines.

MORE: 7-Day Devonport Itinerary

Frequently Asked Questions

Are one-way rentals possible in Tasmania?

Yes, the most popular route is Hobart to [Launceston]((australia/launceston) (or in the opposite direction). Vehicles can also be picked up in Devonport, though the choices there are limited.

Most campervan rental companies in Tasmania are located in Hobart, and hence the largest selection of campers is available there. As a result, many travelers decide to do a full circuit of the island, traveling one way along the east coast and the other along the west coast of the island.

This allows you to see many of Tasmania's popular tourist attractions, starting with visitor favorites Mount Wellington and Salamanca Market in Hobart City, through the Tasman Peninsula, Freycinet National Park, and Wineglass Bay on the east coast, to Cradle Mountain and the Tamar Valley up north and the Gordon River along the rugged west coast.

Is it better to rent a motorhome in Launceston or in Hobart?

The majority of motorhome rental companies in Tasmania have their branch located in Hobart, so you'll find a wider selection of rental vehicles available there.

Can additional drivers be added to the RV rental agreement?

Yes, it’s standard for most RV rental companies to allow an additional driver. This driver and any others must be named on the rental agreement and there may be a nominal fee.

Additional drivers must also hold an appropriate driver’s license and must meet driver age requirements.

Do I have to pay a bond (security deposit) when renting my vehicle?

When renting a vehicle, it is standard to be charged a bond (security deposit), also known as ‘excess’, which is the amount the renter is liable to cover in the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle. The bond amount fluctuates based on the insurance package selected at the time of rental and is charged and debited on the renters’ credit or debit card.

What happens if my RV has mechanical issues during the trip?

Most rental companies offer roadside assistance that is available 24/7 by ringing a local or free number. Mechanical breakdowns are covered by the rental company (for example, engine and electrical faults).

With some suppliers repairs under $100 (Australian dollars) do not require authorization and will be reimbursed upon return of the rental (with a GST receipt), however, it’s still recommended to ring roadside assistance for any troubles.

What happens if I cancel my booking?

Terms and conditions vary by rental company, however, most companies do not charge a fee if the cancellation is made 3 months prior to pick up (including Maui, Britz, Apollo, Cheapa Campa, Star RV, Hippie, & Mighty). The closer the date to picking up the vehicle, the higher the cancellation fee will generally be.

Deposit amounts may not be refundable.

With the COVID-19 outbreak affecting many travelers plans in 2020, many suppliers have updated their cancellation policies.

To cancel a booking contact our friendly support team via the Support Page.

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