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Australia's fourth largest city, the far-flung state capital of Perth, is the most remote major city in the world. However, it's also the sunniest capital city in the world, making it a perfect campervan rental destination.

Camper Champ quickly compares trusted local campervan rental companies in Perth to find the best deals. So whether you are after the cheapest campervan or a luxury RV rental - find it all in one spot!

Whether a weekend RV rental in Perth or a more extended trip, the city and surroundings have much to offer. An RV provides flexibility to see as much or as little as suits you, minimizing travel time to and from hotels and leaving more time to explore.

One-way rentals to Darwin, to Adelaide, to Melbourne and to Broome are also popular options.

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Popular Campervans in Perth

Apollo Euro Deluxe 6

Euro Deluxe 6


Apollo Adventure Camper

Adventure Camper 4x4


Apollo Trailfinder Camper

Trailfinder 4WD Camper


Britz 2-Berth Hitop

2-Berth Hitop


Britz 6-Berth Frontier

6-Berth Frontier


Hippie 2-Berth Hitop

2-Berth Hitop


Lucky Rentals Lucky Rookie

Lucky Rookie

Lucky Rentals

Travellers Auto Barn Hi5 Camper - (HIFI)

Hi5 Camper - (HIFI)

Travellers Auto Barn

Britz Outback 4WD

Outback 4WD Camper


Britz Safari Landcruiser 4WD

Safari Landcruiser 4WD


Cheapa Campa 4WD Camper

4WD Camper

Cheapa Campa

Cheapa Campa Cheapa Endeavour

Cheapa Endeavour

Cheapa Campa

Britz 2-Berth Hitop

2-Berth Hitop


Hippie 2-Berth Hitop

2-Berth Hitop


Cheapa Campa Cheapa Endeavour

Cheapa Endeavour

Cheapa Campa

Mighty 2-Berth Highball

2-Berth Highball


Apollo Euro Deluxe 6

Euro Deluxe 6


Britz 6-Berth Frontier

6-Berth Frontier


Mighty 6-Berth Big Six

6-Berth Big Six


Apollo Adventure Camper

Adventure Camper 4x4


Apollo Trailfinder Camper

Trailfinder 4WD Camper


Britz Outback 4WD

Outback 4WD Camper


Britz Safari Landcruiser 4WD

Safari Landcruiser 4WD


Cheapa Campa 4WD Camper

4WD Camper

Cheapa Campa

Cheapa Campa Cheapa Trailfinder

Cheapa Trailfinder 4x4

Cheapa Campa

Not all vehicles may be available. Use the search tool to check availability for your travel dates.

Perth Airport Campervan Hire

Can I hire a campervan at the airport in Perth?

While there are no motorhomes available directly at the terminal at Perth Airport (PER), there are several campervan hire companies within 2–24 km (1–15 miles).

The depots are easily accessible by taxi or Uber.

The Self-drive Holiday in Perth

There are plenty of reasons to explore Perth in a motorhome. You may be looking for an affordable way to travel or want the freedom to explore at your own pace.

By booking through Camper Champ, you’ll save yourself the time and hassle of researching every company individually. Instead, we compare over 20 campervan rental brands in Australia, giving you one handy online tool to find you the best deals.

Travelling in and around Perth in a campervan has several advantages over a car hire and hotel combination:

  • Cost-effective: Your accommodation and transport come rolled into one. Campsites cost a fraction of a WA hotel, and you’ll have your own wheels to explore on a whim.

  • Convenience: The best regional campsites reside alongside breathtakingly beautiful natural attractions. Just whip open your curtains in the morning to soak up those staggering views.

  • Self-catering: Every reputable motorhome hire company kits their vehicles out with a kitchen—at the very minimum, you’ll get a gas cooker, fridge, benchtop, and sink. Enjoy impromptu picnics with amazing views and save cash by not eating out.

  • Freedom: Conventional travel means planning your itinerary and reserving hotels before you go. But with a camper, you set your own schedule. That kind of flexibility is priceless.

  • Onboard amenities: Opt for a fully decked-out campervan, and you’ll have all the luxuries of home at your fingertips. Bigger rigs come with an onboard toilet and shower; some even have 4G modems and flatscreen TVs. No more roughing it when adventuring out bush.

When driving around Perth in a campervan rental, remember these helpful tips:

  1. All traffic moves on the left-hand side.
  2. Seatbelts and child restraints are compulsory.
  3. Carry a valid driver's licence when travelling.
  4. Drive clockwise on roundabouts.
  5. There are no toll roads in Perth.
  6. Watch out for wildlife, especially around dawn, dusk and when travelling at night. Country roads and long stretches of the open road are notorious for crossing wildlife.
  7. The blood alcohol content limit in WA is 0.05%.
  8. Default speed limits in Western Australia are 550 km/h for built-up residential areas and up to 110 km/h for roads in rural areas unless indicated otherwise. School zones also have speed limits reduced to 40 km/h during certain hours on school days. Always pay attention to posted speed limit signs and adjust your speed accordingly.

Travel Tips for Perth

How can you save money on a campervan holiday in Perth?

Motorhome travel offers a cost-effective alternative to renting a car and staying in hotels. And with a bit of thriftiness, you can reduce your expenses even further.

Here are our top tips to save money on a campervan holiday:

  1. Choose your vehicle wisely: RV rentals range from bare basic cheap campervans to luxe motorhomes with flashy mod cons. If you’re happy to forgo a few bells and whistles, a budget-orientated vehicle will save you big on the daily rate.

  2. Book early: Like all commodities, supply and demand dictate the price of a hired van. Securing your vehicle ahead of time will save you a significant sum, especially when travelling during peak season when demand soars. Look out for those early bird specials to find the best discount on campervan hire.

  3. Avoid backtracking: Fuel is a significant expense, especially for adventurers rolling in a large, diesel-guzzling rig. Instead, use the map application of your choice to plan an efficient route. You’ll spend less time driving and more time kicking back.

  4. Use free camps where possible: While some free camping is available in the region, opportunities are few and far between. Nonetheless, it’s worth taking full advantage of your free camps when they arise to whittle down accommodation costs. In addition, roadside rest areas are a godsend for thrifty explorers.

  5. Look for low-cost campsites: A decked-out caravan park will run you $35-$50 per night in WA, adding up quickly over an extended trip. Give these pricey parks a miss and opt for basic low-cost campsites instead—you usually get fewer neighbours and better views, too.

  6. Tee up some travel buddies: Fuel, national park fees, and RV rental will cost the same, no matter the size of your crew. Enlisting an adventurous travel buddy or two will slash the per-person spend. Try posting your plans on social media if you don’t know anyone keen to tag along (always thoroughly pre-vet potential travel pals).

  7. Give peak season a miss: Caravan parks and camper rentals skyrocket when there’s high demand, so consider travelling off-peak to get better bang for your buck. Moreover, you’ll get to explore stunning locales without the thick tourist crowds. Christmas, New Year, Easter, and WA school holidays are the priciest times to travel.

  8. Self-cater: Eating out is expensive in Australia, especially in the mineral-rich state of WA. Cooking your meals will significantly reduce your expenses—good thing you’ve got a motorhome rental with an in-built kitchen on hand.

When is the best time to go campervanning in Perth?

Spring and autumn offer the most comfortable temperaturesfor exploring the region in a motorhome rental.

During autumn, expect average temps to range between 14°C - 26°C. The nights might sometimes drop below 10°C, though rainfall is rare. Expect similar balmy temps in spring, typically between 12°C - 23°C. Spring also brings WA’s colourful wildflowers to life. Around 12,000 pastel-hued species bloom around the state, and there’s ample technicoloured glory to admire within easy reach of Perth.

Summer is a popular time to visit, but you can expect to encounter oppressive heat. While the average temperature ranges from 18°C - 30°C, it’s not uncommon to experience scorching 35°C (or even 40°C+) days. If your rig has A/C in the cabin, consider booking powered sites to beat the heat.

Hiking and other non-aquatic activities become unpleasant when the temperature soars. Moreover, many national parks and campsites close during high bushfire risk. Instead, consider visiting southern towns like Esperance and Albany, where the summers are milder.

On the bright side, a gusty offshore breeze (aka the Fremantle Doctor) helps keep coastal areas cool during sweltering summer afternoons.

Winter in Perth is relatively cool; average temperatures range from 8°C - 19°C. However, the region receives much of its rainfall in winter, which puts a damper on the campervanning experience.

How long do you need in Perth for a campervan holiday?

Many travellers see the highlights of the South West in around 7 days, taking in spectacular coastal towns, world-class vineyards, and thickly forested woodlands.

A week is also sufficient for the return trip to Kalbarri National Park, famous for its gorgeous ochre-hued gorges. Pit stops at quaint coastal hamlets like Jurien Bay, Cervantes, and Lancelin help break up the drive.

Venturing south-east to Denmark, Albany, and Bremer Bay, you will need to factor in a few more days. Many Perthians go to Esperance during the school holidays, home to Australia’s most incredible beaches. Allow at least two weeks to justify the 8-hour one-way drive.

Allow at least two weeks to venture north to hotspots like the Coral Coast and Shark Bay. Longer excursions to Broome and Kimberly demand 2-4 weeks, and a one-way rental negates the need to make the arduous 24-hour road trip back home.

Parking a Campervan in Perth

Where are some of the best places to park a campervan in Perth?

Parking and congestion can become tiresome in more built-up areas, especially Northbridge, Freemantle, and the Perth CBD. As a result, many travellers leave their rig at their caravan park (or a nearby residential suburb) and use public transport to visit busy inner-city areas.

Free on-street parking is available in most residential suburbs in the Perth metropolitan area. Always abide by local parking signs.

Parking fees apply as you get closer to built-up areas, especially Fremantle and the CBD. Prices range from $4 - $10 per hour, which you pay at an electronic parking station or via a mobile app. Most car parks straddling the Swan River and inner-city beaches also charge a similar hourly fee.

If you’d like to spend a day relaxing by the Swan, some riverfront car parks offer fee-free all-day parking. For example, the South Perth Hurlingham Car Park is free and suitable for small to medium-sized vans—you get a stunning skyline and river view, too.

Down in Fremantle, the Main South Beach Parking lot has a generous 4-hour free-parking limit, perfect for spending a day with your toes in the sand. Just move your rig if you need more time.

The City of Perth Council offers $11 all-day parking at numerous locations around the city. Some spots are suitable for large RVs.

Where can you park a campervan overnight in Perth?

Although state laws don’t prohibit overnight stays in WA, most local councils have anti-overnight camping by-laws. Enforcement is lax in the capital but stringent in popular tourist destinations and coastal towns. Think twice about overnighting in a non-designated area, or you could wake up with a fine.

The closest free camp to Perth is Jarrahdale, a 50-minute drive from the CBD. About a dozen paid caravan parks reside in Fremantle and the outer suburbs. Perth Central Caravan Park is the closest to the CBD.

The Perth Hills Discovery Centre (campground open weekends only), Walyunga National Park, and Lake Leschenaultia have spectacular low-cost campgrounds near the city.

National Parks around Perth

Which are the best National Parks to visit around Perth?

Perth is the perfect base for a motorhome adventure, nestled close to several beautiful national parks. From its doorstep, Perth invites you to delve into Western Australia's breathtaking landscapes. Be it trekking the untamed outback, birdwatching along the coast, or immersing yourself in crystalline waters at a serene beach, Perth has you covered.

Some of the best national parks to visit around Perth include:

Karijini - Karijini offers a symphony of gorges and cascading waterfalls. Take the time to explore the rugged beauty of the bush on foot, and discover the deep gorges and chasms, such as Hancock Gorge, Weano Gorge, and Dales Gorge. These colourful rock layers reveal the story of the Earth's geological history. Some popular attractions within the park include the cascading Fortescue Falls, the serene Fern Pool, the picturesque Circular Pool, and the refreshing Kermits Pool.

Nambung - The park is famous for its unique and otherworldly landscape, featuring the Pinnacles Desert, where thousands of limestone formations called the Pinnacles rise from the sands like remnants of an ancient civilization long forgotten. These natural sculptures, created by wind and water erosion over millennia, form an awe-inspiring backdrop that draws visitors from around the globe.

Leeuwin-Naturaliste - Stretching over 120 kilometres, this captivating coastal nature reserve encompasses a diverse range of landscapes, including rugged cliffs, pristine beaches, limestone caves, and lush forests. One of the park's highlights is its extensive network of limestone caves, such as the Jewel Cave, Lake Cave, and Mammoth Cave. These subterranean marvels feature stunning stalactites, stalagmites, and other unique formations, making them popular attractions for guided tours.

Cape Le Grand - Renowned for its idyllic shores, particularly the celebrated Lucky Bay, Hellfire Bay, and Thistle Cove, this park invites you to bask in the sun and swim in its azure waters. The park boasts a network of walking trails that lead visitors through diverse landscapes, from coastal heathlands to towering granite outcrops like Frenchman Peak and Mount Le Grand. Relish a day on the powdery sands and wander through the rugged coastal pathways.

How much is campervan entry to national parks around Perth? Are any permits required?

Entry fees apply at over 30 national parks peppered throughout WA. Each charges a single-entry fee of $15 per vehicle.

If you plan on visiting multiple parks, invest in the $60 Holiday Pass to get unlimited entry to all WA parks in a four-week period. Long-term or frequent explorers could grab the $120 Annual Pass instead.

Travellers can purchase a park pass online through the WA Department of Parks and Wildlife Service (DPAW) website or various outlets around the state. Single-entry tickets are usually purchased on-site at an electronic kiosk.

Some additional attractions—think caves, river cruises, and wildlife tours—require an additional fee, paid on-site or via the DPAW website.

Many WA national parks have ow-cost campgrounds set amid enchanting natural surroundings.

The most popular campsites are booked online through DPAW. More remote spots are cash-on-arrival only, paid to an on-site camp host or a self-registration box. Change often isn’t available.

DPAW offers park passes and campsite discounts for children and concession holders. In addition, WA residents are entitled to a discount on holiday and park passes.

Top 10 Campervan-friendly Campsites near Perth

Bettys Beach, Mount Manypeaks Nature Reserve

Fancy free camping with your toes in the sand? Betty’s Beach is one of the few oceanfront campsites in WA not to charge a fee. If it’s full (as it often is), try nearby Norman’s Beach or East Bay Campground—both have waterfront views and zero fees.

Price: Free

Main amenities: toilets, dogs allowed, no fires

Boddington Free RV Park

The generous folks at Boddington have gifted the travelling public a gorgeous little spot by the river in their cute little town. Need more facilities? There’s an equally scenic caravan holiday park directly next door.

Price: Free

Main amenities: toilets, bins, dogs allowed

Four Mile Campground, Fitzgerald River National Park

At the entrance to Fitzgerald River National Park, this spectacular spot puts you within spitting distance of the sea. Spacious sites sit nestled between verdant coastal heath, so you won’t have to worry about rubbing shoulders with the neighbours.

Price: From $9 per adult per night

Main amenities: toilets, hot showers, bbq, camp kitchen, Telstra/Optus reception

Guilderton Holiday Park, Guilderton

Could this be the best-situated caravan park on the west coast? Wedged between the Moore River and the endless Indian Ocean, you’ll have no shortage of sweeping waterfront views.

Price: From $52 per site per night

Main amenities: toilets, showers, powered sites, potable water, bbq, camp kitchen, laundry, dump point

Henry White Oval Campground, Yanchep National Park

This verdant site puts you smack bang in the centre of the action so you can hike Perth’s favourite national park to your heart’s content. Don’t miss the Yanchep Koala Boardwalk to spot cuddly bear-like critters.

Price: From $15 per adult per night

Main amenities: toilets, showers, bins, bbq, camp kitchen, Telstra/Optus reception, dump point

Lucky Bay Campground, Cape Le Grand

One of WA’s most-sought after campsites, this insanely-scenic spot books out months in advance (try your luck for last-minute cancellations). Organised travellers get a secluded site just metres away from Cape Le Grande’s most-celebrated turquoise bay.

Price: $15 per vehicle entry fee to the park and campground fees are $15 per adult/$3 per child

Main amenities: Toilets, showers, non-potable water, bins, bbq, camp kitchen, limited optus/WiFi

Nanga Mill, Lane Pool Reserve

Occupying an old jarra sawmill, this scenic spot sits surrounded by towering pines. The first-in-first-served-style campground sits minutes away from Lane Pool’s top hiking and canoe trails.

Price: $11 per adult per night and $3 per child.

Main amenities: toilets, nearby dump point, fire pits, Telstra reception

Osprey Bay, Cape Range National Park

Nestled against Ningaloo Reef, this scenic spot puts paddling, snorkelling and boating right at your doorstep. Like Lucky Bay, the Cape Range campsites are outrageously popular so book well ahead (or try your luck with a cancellation).

Price: from $11 per adult per night

Main amenities: toilets, bins

Potters Gorge, Wellington National Park

This fabulous spot straddles the crystalline waters of Wellington Dam. Book early during busy periods and try to snag site #30 for sparkling waterfront views.

Price: From $15 per adult per night

Main amenities: toilets, non-potable water, fire pits, bbqs, camp kitchen, dump point

Stockton Lake, Collie

Park up right alongside the most mesmerisingly blue lake you’ve ever seen. If you don’t have a kayak handy, the clear turquoise water is perfect for cooling off on a hot day. Bring earplugs on weekends.

Price: From $11 per person per night

Main amenities: toilets, dogs/fires allowed, Telstra/Optus reception

The Perth Experience

So you’ve decided to book a campervan rental in Perth! Now it’s time to explore. Perth boasts a lively cultural scene and encompasses a bewildering array of campsites within a few hours’ drive of the CBD. Most first-time campervan holidaymakers spend two or three days checking out Perth’s major sites like Kings Park and Botanic Garden, Elizabeth Quay and Perth Zoo.

Perth CBD skyline

A trip to Perth would only be complete with relaxing on its beautiful beaches. The most emblematic option is Cottesloe Beach, a sparkling sugary white strip not far north of Freo. However, stunning sandy stretches run along the metropolitan coastline, from Yanchep to Coogee. And you’ll find even better beaches at Rottnest Island, or just “Rotto”, a jaw-dropping offshore island half an hour from Fremantle by ferry - you’ll have to leave your motorhome rental behind for the day, though, as no vehicles are allowed on the island.

Rottnest Island, WA

Don’t leave without snapping a selfie with a charming quokka! Forget about trying to get it to say “cheese” to smile. They'll do it without any prompt! One of the most outstanding characteristics of the quokka is its grin. Quokkas continually exhibit a content expression. It can vary from a slight smirk to a broad grin, but it's always present and adorable.

A quokka on Rottnest Island

Perth is the perfect jumping-off point for exploring the WA’s southern sections by a motorhome rental, such as Margaret River, Albany and Esperance. Because most of the best natural attractions and national parks don’t have permanent on-site accommodation, travelling by motorhome is your best option - whether you’re cruising in a little nimble campervan or an enormous 6-berth RV rental.

Margaret River vineyards south of Perth

Campervanning is a popular pastime in WA, which means you’ll find adequate RV infrastructure—dump points and water refills throughout the state. Motorhome-friendly campsites in Perth range from low-cost or free bush camps (BYO everything) to decked-out camper parks with swimming pools, kid’s playgrounds, and bars.

Pink Lake, Western Australia

Perth City

Snaking through the city centre is the Swan River, an iconic watercourse perfect for kayaking and sailing. Nature lovers mustn’t miss Kings Park, a sprawling inner-city sanctuary where scenic walking trails boast breathtaking skyline views. Spend a day in the CBD to savour its eclectic café scene and peruse the top WA museums, including Boola Bardip and the Art Gallery of Western Australia. Wandering south leads you to the glistening Elizabeth Quay, where you’ll find the landmark Bell Tower and the leafy Supreme Court Gardens.

Whitsundays, Queensland

Perth Surrounds

A 30-minute campervan drive southwest leads you to Fremantle, a hip, historic city with a charming colonial-era vibe. First, take a tour of the grisly Fremantle Prison to learn about Australia’s dark convict past, then hit the Maritime Museum and Shipwrecks Museum for engaging nautical exhibits. “Freo,” as the locals call it, is a thriving hospitality hub—there’s ample opportunity to eat, drink, and be merry.

Whitsundays, Queensland

Top 10 Attractions around Perth

We’ve covered what to see and do in the capital, so let’s round out the best regional attractions for a campervan trip.

Albany (420 km from Perth)

While this historic port city isn’t easy on the eye, there’s ample beauty outside town. Torndirrup National Park is packed with cragged cliffs and granite outcrops, while Two Peoples Bay boasts a breathtakingly beautiful beach. Then, head north to Porongurup and the Stirling Ranges for mind-blowing—albeit demanding—mountainous hikes.

Denmark & Walpole (420 km from Perth)

The hippy hamlet of Denmark is furnished with atmospheric forests and turquoise-tinged beaches, including the outrageously scenic Greens Pool and Madfish Bay in William Bay National Park. Venture west to Walpole to walk through the canopy at the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk.

Dwellingup (108 km from Perth)

Dense woodlands and tranquil rivers surround the cute little town of Dwellingup. Head to nearby Lane Poole Reserve to camp amid the pines or kayak, hike, and bike in a spectacular setting.

Esperance (714 km from Perth)

Visually captivating Esperance is worth the drive for the aqua-blue dreamscape extending west from town. After soaking up some sun on Twilight Beach and the Blue Lagoon, venture out to Cape Le Grand to admire some of Australia’s most incredible stretches of shimmering white sand.

Kalbarri National Park (575 km from Perth)

Dramatic gorges slice through this magnificent national park's striped red and white landscape. The laidback town of the same name sports cragged cliffs and stunning beaches with booming surf breaks.

Mandurah (70 km from Perth)

The old-school resort town of Mandurah still lays on the coastal charm. Beautiful beaches, ritzy mansion-lined canals, and a lively hospitality sector make it a favourite among holidaymakers from Perth.

Margaret River (275 km from Perth)

There’s so much more to Margaret River and the South West than its world-renowned wineries. So pull up a towel on Meelup’s breathtaking beaches or hop between lookouts on Cape Naturaliste. Spectacular caves, lush forested hikes, and laid-back coastal towns give cause to linger longer than planned.

Ningaloo Marine Park (1,260 km from Perth)

WA’s answer to the Great Barrier Reef, this marine life-rich reserve is home to unspoiled kaleidoscopic corals. Snorkel along the shore to spot curious ocean-dwelling critters or jump on a tour to swim with a majestic whale shark.

The Pinnacles (190 km from Perth)

Otherworldly limestone pillars punctuate the arid landscape in the spellbinding Nambung National Park. A well-marked 2WD-accessible track lets you admire these twisted spires from the comfort of your air-conditioned camper.

Shark Bay (760 km from Perth)

This rugged, wind-swept region boasts bountiful marine life and postcard-perfect beaches. Watch the dolphins frolic in Monkey Mia, kick back in cosy Denham, and see the scenery unfold from the lookouts en route.

Perth Road-trip Itineraries

Are you craving an authentic Aussie adventure? Look no further than a campervan holiday to Perth, Western Australia. With one of our specially crafted itineraries, you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the region's natural beauty while also experiencing Australia's unique culture and lifestyle. From exploring the rugged coastlines to discovering hidden waterfalls and swimming holes, this trip has something for every type of traveller. So grab your hat, pack your bags, and join us on a campervan adventure through the stunning landscapes of Perth, Australia.

Western Australia: Explore Perth in 7-days

Western Australia: Explore Perth in 7-days

Get ready for a jam-packed, 7-day itinerary that will take you on a journey through the best of Perth and its surroundings. From exploring the bustling city of Perth to discovering hidden gems in the surrounding countryside, you'll surely have an unforgettable time. So mark your calendars, pack your bags, and join us on a 7-day adventure through the beautiful landscapes of Perth.

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Western Australia: From North to South in 14-days

Western Australia: From North to South in 14-days

Get ready for the ultimate Aussie road trip! This 14-day itinerary will take you on a journey from the tropical paradise of Broome to the bustling city of Perth. Along the way, you'll experience Western Australia's diverse landscapes, culture, and history. This itinerary has everything from the stunning red cliffs of the Kimberley to the white sandy beaches of the Coral Coast. Whether you're a nature lover, a beach enthusiast, or a history buff, this trip will leave you with lasting memories. So pack your bags, fill up your campervan, and join us on a 14-day adventure from Broome to Perth.

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Adelaide to Perth in 7-14 days, via Esperance and Kalgoorlie gold country

Adelaide to Perth in 7-14 days, via Esperance and Kalgoorlie gold country

A flexible itinerary to fit your individual needs, preferences and duration of travel, allowing you to explore the beautiful landscapes and unique experiences that South Australia and Western Australia have to offer. Whether you prefer to take your time and savour each destination or pack in as many sights as possible, this itinerary has it all!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of licence do you need to hire a campervan in Perth?

A full and valid class C (car) driving licence is all you need to hire most campervans and motorhomes in WA. Learner, provisional, and probationary licences are not accepted. Most companies only rent vehicles to drivers aged 21 years or older. As a result, travellers under 25 need to pay additional fees to cover elevated insurance premiums. Overseas residents need an English translation of a comparable driver’s licence or a valid International Driver's Permit (IDP).

Do I have to pay a bond (security deposit) when renting my vehicle?

When renting a vehicle, it is standard to be charged a bond (security deposit), also known as ‘excess’, which is the amount the renter is liable to cover in the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle. The bond amount fluctuates based on the insurance package selected at the time of rental and is charged and debited on the renters’ credit or debit card.

Is free camping allowed?

Free camping in Perth is only allowed in designated areas, and overnight parking is generally prohibited.

There are plenty of campervan parks around Perth. Some popular choices include Perth Central Caravan Park, Advent Park, and Riverview Tourist Park (near Margaret River).

Are one-way campervan rentals available?

Yes, a large number of rental companies allow for one-way rentals. Our comparison tool will show you availability on your preferred route and automatically factor in any one-way fees charged by the campervan rental company.

Western Australia is Australia’s largest state, and many travelers decide to pick up and return their motorhome in Perth to explore the area’s attractions: Margaret River, Albany and Esperance to the south, and the Pinnacles Desert and Coral Bay to the north.

However, one-way road trips are also popular for a motorhome vacation, with the most commonly chosen routes being:

Can I pick up or drop off my RV on a public holiday?

Yes, some companies will allow you to collect or drop off your vehicle on a public holiday. Enter your start and finish dates and our booking tool will show you what’s available.

Be aware that starting or ending your trip on a public holiday will limit your choice of available suppliers and may increase total rental costs.

Can I take my rental campervan to Rottnest Island?

No, private vehicles are not allowed on Rottnest Island. Adams Coachlines runs the only bus service on the island. Walking and cycling are also popular ways to get around.

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