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Frequently Asked Questions

We compare multiple RV rental providers. The below answers are a general guide – however, each company has its own terms and conditions, which may change from time to time. Please make sure to check the T&Cs of your rental vehicle.

What is the cost per mile for rentals?

The cost of miles will depend on the supplier and the size of the vehicle. With some vehicles, a base number of miles is already included in the rental price. Additional miles can often be purchased in packages.

Where can I camp overnight in the USA?

We recommend you stay in marked campgrounds and RV parks. There are many caravan parks and national parks where you can camp in an RV throughout the US, although in busy periods it’s worth making advance reservations.

Roadside camping near cities and towns is not permitted. Camping in public areas out in the country is generally allowed, however, you must obey any “No Camping” signs.

Where can I drive my rental RV? Are there areas restricted for driving?

Most companies only allow their RVs to be driven on sealed/bitumen roads. Traveling to Mexico and the Death Valley during summer is usually forbidden.

Some companies, such as Britz, Cruise America, and Road Bear RV, also forbid their campers entering Inner Cities of large cities, such as New York.
Temporary restrictions may also apply due to weather conditions. Other travel restrictions may apply – check the T&Cs of the vehicle.

Do RV rentals have bike racks?

In general rental companies do not provide RVs with bike racks. However, some companies, such as Apollo, allow storing bicycles inside the campervans, as long as they are stored in bike bags.

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